ISID Timeline

14-15 November 2016
Fifth ISID Forum
30 November 2015
Fourth ISID Forum
14 July 2015
Third ISID Forum
20 April 2015
Official launch of PCP Senegal
February 2015
Government of Senegal officially approves PCP document
December 2014
Government of Ethiopia officially approves PCP document
4-5 November 2014
Second ISID Forum
23-24 June 2014
First ISID Forum
20 December 2013
Lima Declaration

Private Sector

Advancing ISID while driving business values

Private sector partners

UNIDO's Partnership Platform harnesses the expertise, know-how and resources of the private sector to tackle important global industrial development issues. There are several strategic areas where UNIDO engages with business to build local productive capacity, enhance social inclusion and promote environmental sustainability. These areas include providing goods and services, supporting local business development and promoting Green Industry, among others.

UNIDO and the private sector are natural partners for prosperity. As a United Nations specialized agency, we offer technical expertise in industrial development for developing countries and transition economies. With a field presence in more than 50 countries and a worldwide pool of experts and trainers, we can leverage our global resources and those of our partners to achieve significant and sustainable scale and impact.

How to become a partner

Partnerships can take many forms. Below are the three partnership categories UNIDO has adopted for strategically engaging with companies and foundations.

Core Business and Value Chain Partnerships: harness the core strengths of the private sector and/or aim to change the way businesses operate to be more in line with social, environmental and development goals.

Social Investment and Philanthropy Partnerships: provide the UN system with different types of support, including traditional philanthropy, social venture funds, hybrid or blended-value financing mechanisms, employee volunteers, or contribute core business expertise, products or services to a public cause.

Multi-stakeholder and Transformational Partnerships: enable dynamic processes for issue-focused consultation and scalable operations among numerous private and public parties, and for including private sector representatives in governance structures.