ISID Timeline

14-15 November 2016
Fifth ISID Forum
30 November 2015
Fourth ISID Forum
14 July 2015
Third ISID Forum
20 April 2015
Official launch of PCP Senegal
February 2015
Government of Senegal officially approves PCP document
December 2014
Government of Ethiopia officially approves PCP document
4-5 November 2014
Second ISID Forum
23-24 June 2014
First ISID Forum
20 December 2013
Lima Declaration


Vienna, Austria, 4-5 November 2014

Lima Declaration December 2013
First Forum 23-24 June 2014
Second Forum 4-5 November 2014
Third Forum 14 July 2015
Fourth Forum 30 November 2015
Fifth Forum 14-15 November 2016

Second ISID FORUM, Vienna, Austria, 4-5 November 2014

Partnerships to scale up investment for inclusive and sustainable industrial development

As a follow-up to the first ISID Forum held in June, the second Forum aimed to pilot the development of innovative partnership business models to implement inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID) strategies.

Forum Participants

The event brought together around 440 participants from 93 countries, including Heads of State and Government, ministers, representatives of bilateral and multilateral development partners, the United Nations system, the private sector, non-governmental organizations and academia.

Forum Proceedings

The Forum presented UNIDO's partnership approach as a means to leverage resources from various stakeholders for the advancement of ISID. It also showcased a new type of assistance package for UNIDO Member States, the Programme for Country Partnership (PCP). Two pilot countries - Ethiopia and Senegal - were presented.

This served to demonstrate the concrete potential of multi-stakeholder partnerships and to define modalities of collaboration between Governments, stakeholders and UNIDO to scale up investment for ISID. The Forum welcomed the PCP approach, and following the examples of Ethiopia and Senegal, several countries requested to become the next tier of PCP pilot countries.

Let us advance inclusive and sustainable industrial development for its own sake - and as part of our broader campaign to protect our planet and all people in the future. It is our, and your, moral and political responsibility to work together, to make this world better for all, where nobody is left behind.

Ban Ki-moon, Former UN Secretary-General
(Read full speech of the Former Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon here, watch his speech here)

We must work together, we must take advantage of the strength of all partners and we must work cleverly. We must make the most of the limited resources at our disposal. I strongly believe that the benefit of the partnership approach will increase both the impact of the resources Member States have placed with trust in our Organization as well as the impact of the interventions of our partners.

LI Yong, UNIDO Director General
(Read full speech of UNIDO Director General LI Yong here, watch his speech here)

Ethiopia "stands to gain from UNIDO's sound technical cooperation experience and expertise in the implementation of industrial development programmes and projects. The Cooperation with UNIDO within the new ISID mandate could not have come at a more timely moment".

Hailemariam Desalegn, the Former Prime Minister of Ethiopia
(Watch full speech of Ethiopia's Prime Minister Desalegn here)

Senegal "has requested UNIDO's support as its technical assistance is acclaimed in the entire world for its professionalism and experience".

Mahammed Dionne, Prime Minister of Senegal
(Watch full speech of Senegal's Prime Minister Dionne here)