ISID Timeline

14-15 November 2016
Fifth ISID Forum
30 November 2015
Fourth ISID Forum
14 July 2015
Third ISID Forum
20 April 2015
Official launch of PCP Senegal
February 2015
Government of Senegal officially approves PCP document
December 2014
Government of Ethiopia officially approves PCP document
4-5 November 2014
Second ISID Forum
23-24 June 2014
First ISID Forum
20 December 2013
Lima Declaration

UNIDO strongly promotes the achievement of Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development

UNIDO and Chinese business sector discuss partnerships to advance inclusive and sustainable industrial development.

Speakers' Corner

Fatou Haidara "The notion of leaving no one behind is central to UNIDO and is one of the three pillars to UNIDO’s approach of inclusive and sustainable industrial development. "

Fatou Haidara, Managing Director of Policy and Programme Support and Director ad interim of UNIDO’s Department of Human Resources Management and Gender Equality.
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ISID Global Campaign

Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development

A priority around the world

Over the past few years, the international community has made a quantum leap in advancing new approaches to accelerate progress and pave the way for a more ambitious, inclusive and universal development framework beyond 2015. While industrialization was not factored into the Millennium Development Goals framework, inclusive and sustainable industrialization now features strongly in the post-2015 development discourse.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted as goal 9 “Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation”. This confirms the provisions of the Lima Declaration and the relevance of ISID for the new global development architecture.

ISID is credited with promoting value addition, realizing productivity gains and returns to scale, creating jobs and income, enhancing international competitiveness and trade, building efficient and effective productive capacity, supporting economic diversification, and building green industries. This structural transformation unleashes an enormous development potential as it features close linkages to infrastructure development, innovation and the efficient and sustainable use of resources, as well as to a wider range of other sustainable development priorities.

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ISID Forums and Events

Strategies and Instruments for ISID

Lima Declaration December 2013
Lima Declaration
First Forum 23-24 June 2014
First ISID Forum
Second Forum 4-5 November 2014
Second ISID Forum
Third Forum 14 July 2015
Third ISID Forum
Fourth Forum 30 October 2015
Fourth ISID Forum
Fifth Forum 14-15 November 2016
Fifth ISID Forum

Lima Declaration December 2013, Lima, Peru

During the 15th session of UNIDO's General Conference in Lima, Peru, the Member States renewed their commitment to inclusive and sustainable industrial development and to strengthen cooperation among regions, including South-South cooperation. The commitment was underlined in a political declaration - the Lima Declaration.

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First ISID Forum 23-24 June 2014, Vienna, Austria

Following Member States’ endorsement of the Lima Declaration in December 2013, which gave UNIDO a new mandate to promote inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID), the first ISID Forum engaged Member States in a strategic dialogue on how to formulate strategies and policies that promote inclusive and sustainable industrial development.

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Second ISID Forum 4-5 November 2014, Vienna, Austria

In line with the post-2015 development agenda, the second Forum aimed to pilot the development of innovative partnership “business models” to implement ISID strategies. The main thrust behind the partnership business model is the mobilization of external partners and resources to extend the impact of UNIDO’s technical cooperation. UNIDO, through partnerships with governments, development finance institutions, UN agencies, multi-and bilateral development agencies, civil society and the private sector, will have a much larger impact on the ground when its technical expertise is applied according to the needs of the government and combined with the financing strength of financial institutions and the private sector.

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Third ISID Forum 2015

The Third ISID forum will be held as a side event of the third International Conference on Financing for Development. It is co-organized with the Governments of Ethiopia and Senegal, and the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA). It will take place at the ECA’s Africa Hall.

The objective of the special event is to demonstrate concretely how multi-stakeholder partnerships can mobilize and up-scale financing for industrial infrastructure and industrial projects of various scales.

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Fourth ISID Forum 2015

The Fourth ISID Forum aims to address how UNIDO can contribute to advancing industry, infrastructure and innovation in the context of Sustainable Development Goal 9.

It will highlight the achievements of UNIDO's new Programme for Country Partnership, which is being piloted in Ethiopia and Senegal, and is expected to be extended to a number of other countries in Asia and Latin America.

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Fifth ISID Forum 2016

The fifth ISID Forum, co-organized by UNIDO and the Government of Senegal, will take place in Dakar, Senegal, on 14 and 15 November.

The Forum will present the experience and results of PCP implementation in pilot countries − Ethiopia, Peru and Senegal − to sensitize African countries to the principles of inclusive and sustainable industrial development. The objective of the forum is to identify ISID solutions in Africa, in particular for the mobilization of large-scale investment through the preparation and endorsement of an action plan for the replication of the PCP model in regional economic communities in Africa.

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Programmes for Country Partnership

Pilot Countries

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In order to operationalize the partnership approach, UNIDO developed a new type of assistance package for its Member States: the Programme for Country Partnership (PCP). The PCP is not a static template, but a custom-built partnership formula with each beneficiary country maintaining ownership of the complete process by defining its needs and required support, and finally ensuring the success of its delivery. Each PCP is aligned with the national industrialization priorities and national development plans of the beneficiary country. At the same time, PCP countries need to be fully aligned with ISID objectives and demonstrate full ownership of the Programme. They need to embed the PCP into their national resource mobilization strategies and remain open to partnerships to upscale technical cooperation services.

Partnership Network

Building Global Partnerships for Shared Prosperity

Partnership Approach

UNIDO's partnership approach calls for collective actions and catalyzes local and international development partners to provide the necessary support, knowledge and financial resources needed for ISID. Aside from its technical cooperation activities, UNIDO’s role is to bring the various actors together and coordinate partnership activities – under the leadership and ownership of the host government – to build a solid foundation for sustainable economic growth.

Through partnerships with governments, development finance institutions (DFIs), UN agencies, multilateral and bilateral development agencies, civil society and the private sector, UNIDO will have a much larger impact on the ground. The Organization’s technical expertise can be applied according to priorities set by governments of recipient countries, who will also benefit from additional resources leveraged from financial institutions and private industry.